Sixth Sunday of Easter 2015

Sermon: Sixth Sunday of Easter 2015

Date: 10th May 2015

Preacher: Rev’d Susanne Chambers

Church Calendar Date: Sixth Sunday of Easter 2015

Lectionary Reading: Acts 10:44-48, Psalm 98:1, John 5:1-12, John 15:9-17

We long to be a parish that is fully alive with You, O Christ, at the centre.  Inspired with this hope we pray:  “Spirit of Jesus, you make all things new; renew our hearts and bind us together.”

This is the prayer we have in our pew sheet which we have been praying throughout Lent and now the Easter season. And I believe we are renewing our hearts and are binding closer together as community.

God and I often chat.  I said “God, Canterbury doesn’t need rain on Saturday for our Fair. There are lots of other needy places that would benefit from having rain.”

I was half joking with God, because even if it rained, I knew that I/we would cope.

Prayer is about changing us in many ways…our attitudes, our values, our motives.

But you know, it was sooo good it didn’t rain!!

Praying is about being part of the vine… we are talking with the vine gardener and we are ‘in the vine’…in Jesus, as the branches.  We are connected. We communicate. We may not always get what we ask for. We may cry, we may laugh, but we are connected…connected through love.

And so living in this knowledge helps us embrace life differently –we see ourselves differently and we see others differently.

So how did you share your fruit of the vine yesterday at the Fair?

What conversations did you have? With each other and with people you had just met?

What was the ‘feeling’ around the church, the hall, the grounds?

(microphone handed around to parishioners to share their thoughts)

“This is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.”

‘As I have loved you’…to really ‘know’ that you are so loved by God, changes you. Changes me.

And when we know we are so loved by God, then we will love others with that same sense of love.  The sap of divine love which courses through the vine stem to you and me (the branches) will then be extended through our fruit that we share.


The Lord be with you.