Second Sunday After Epiphany


Date: 18th January  2015

Preacher: Rev’d Susanne Chambers

Church Calendar Date: Second Sunday After Epiphany

Lectionary Reading: 1 Samuel 3:1-10, Psalm 139:1-5, 12-18, John 1:43-51

These two stories you’ve just heard are so relevant today. We don’t often do a couple of things which stand out for me from these stories:

“to listen” and “come and see”.

Firstly let’s look at ‘to listen’

It appears to me Eli the Priest(from the first reading we heard this morning) was tired. That he was possibly losing faith. We heard read that: “the word of the Lord was rare in those days –visons were not widespread.” His eyesight growing dim, may also be a sign that he had grown weary of looking for the Lord, and that well, Eli may have felt that the Lord wasn’t around much, so much so that it took Samuel three times to come to him and say “I’m here, you called me?” ‘no…go lie down!  But then it dawned on Eli that it must be God speaking to Samuel.

Samuel was a young boy who heard and was willing to listen. “Speak, for your servant is listening!”

This story is a great one for us to not lose faith. Sure, the world we live in is fickle..we have on the TV either news of horrible events in our world and then we have cricket and tennis..!  We also have our work situations, family concerns, school, studies etc.

With so much taking our attention and filling our minds, we need to find time to have at least 10minutes a day, (longer if you can) to find a favourite, safe place and quiet our minds.  It’s only if we do this, will we not only stay more able to cope with what life brings us, but also we will listen to God and understand our individual calling. Listen to what your heart is saying. What is it that you are wondering about? What do you think about the world situation? What is God saying to you.

We are all called. We are all loved children of God and have our place in this world and each of us can make a change…for the better!

Secondly is the invitation to ‘Come and see”.

It is an invitation.

“Our task as Christians is not to ‘prove’ the truth of the Christian faith, although many scholars have written persuasively of the truth of Christianity. Our task is not even to persuade others to become Christian.  Our task is to say, “Come and see”.”[1]

Through baptism God has declared us to be loved. That we are enough. One of my favourite hymns is 693 in our hymns books. “Come as you are.” I love it because it says that’s how God want me. Come as you are, feel quite at home… it’s about being at home with who we are and who our God is.  If our God is loving and wants the best for us, we can be who we are without thinking we have to be someone else or do something else which may not be our gift.  God desires to do wonderful things for and through each of us.

Benjamin will be Benjamin. He won’t be like anyone else although he probably will have some characteristics from his mum and dad! Benjamin who will be baptised in a moment will grow up knowing about God known through Jesus through his parents, Steven and Vicky, their families, the godparents: Amanda, Grace and Craig, through his older brother Sebastian and his church community.

It will be important for Benjamin to have some quiet time amidst the noise of our tech world, so that he will find out who he is becoming and who God is for him.

There was something about Jesus that caused people to follow him..that drew people to him.  Today people are still drawn to him, and we just need to make the invitation ‘come and see’.

The Lord be with you

[1] From Working Preacher website: Michael Rogness; Professor of Preaching and Professor Emeritus of Homiletics –Luther Seminary