St Paul's Anglican Church Canterbury Wedding Ceremony

Weddings at St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury

A wedding is one of life’s great moments. St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury provides a beautiful setting and environment for weddings and seats about 180 people. It is a popular destination for many couples, especially those requiring a more intimate worship space.

The Church is open daily and we invite you to come in and experience the ambience of our Church and grounds.

What happens at a church wedding?

The priest welcomes everyone present and reminds them of God’s purposes in instituting marriage.

There is a reading from Scripture and an address is given.

The bride and the groom promise to give themselves to one another “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, so long as we both shall live.”

Wedding rings are blessed and exchanged as a sign of the vows that have been taken, and that the commitment is unending.

The priest blesses the married couple.

Prayers are offered by everyone present for the couple and their future together.

Investing in your relationshipSt Paul's Anglican Church Canterbury Wedding Car

Your relationship is special. We encourage all couples seeking marriage at St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury to undertake marriage preparation. The Vicar will discuss with you the various programs that are available.

These programs encourage you to:

  • Explore and enhance your understanding of the components of fulfilling relationships
  • Stay connected
  • Keep romance alive in your relationship
  • Develop common values and goals
  • Discover lots more

How much does it cost?

The wedding fee is $1,580 (1st January 2018). This fee includes the priest who discusses with you your plans and then prepares and conducts the service; a fee for staff to prepare the church, the cost of flowers, and the provision of music.

Organist and Music

The Parish has been gifted with a wonderful pipe organ, and we have a professional organist, Dylan Quinlan-Baskett. We welcome soloists and other musical requests.

Music requests should be discussed with our Director of Music, Dylan Quinlan-Baskett, at least four weeks prior to the wedding.


It is the couple’s responsibility to discuss flower arrangements with Barbara Alderton at least four weeks prior to the wedding.

Please remember to make sure the date and time of your wedding ceremony is confirmed prior to finalizing arrangements for the reception.


St Paul's Anglican Church Canterbury WeddingWe would be pleased to receive your enquiry about the possibility of celebrating your marriage at St. Paul’s. For further information, please telephone our office on +61 3 9830 0729.

Weddings are conducted by the Vicar. Pastors/Ministers of other denominations are welcome to assist in the service by preaching or saying prayers for the couple. 


Whilst the ideal of marriage is a lifelong partnership, we recognise that relationships can break down and die. The remarriage of divorced persons can be arranged at St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury. All enquiries are treated with compassion and courtesy.

Please contact the Vicar for more further details and information.