The Advent Season by Jenifer McKenzie

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The Advent Season by Jenifer McKenzie Advent Vestments and Furnishings. Theme: The coming of the light – Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Why Blue?     The season of Advent is one of expectancy, hope and preparation. Lent is one of Penitence. Purple is the colour of penitence. So Blue is used to differentiate between the two seasons. After consulting a leading authority in the Australian church with liturgical vestments, we decided that it seemed appropriate to have blue as the symbol colour for Advent. The Altar Fall. If we look East on Canterbury Rd, we can see the Dandenong’s. Sometimes all I have seen is misty skies and clouds hanging over the mountains with only glimmers of light. I feel that this is the experience of many Christians is that we see only glimmers and occasionally the light bulb really switches on to give us a full clear picture of what it means to be a Christian. St. Paul said “we see through a glass darkly”, it was good to reflect on this as I worked on this hanging. When you think of it here was a person who had experienced the full blinding light. The Chasuble. The Chasuble has a Celtic cross on it with symbols of the typical Celtic knots that have no beginning or end. This is what God’s Love is about. Celtic symbols have endless meanings: The symbol of the ring in the centre for Eternity and Love the outer circle is again a symbol of light. The Stole. The Wattle bird at the top is to replace the traditional Advent symbol of the trumpet. The Wattle bird is one of the first birds to herald the dawn. The small piece on the right side facing us of the stole is a small piece of the dawn scene, the trees I have outlined are a group of three. Trees are so important to us and our survival in the Bible many trees are mentioned three are prominent one the beginning in the creation story, the one in the centre used to crucify Jesus .The third tree in Revelation is the tree of life which is abundant with fruit and gives us a glimpse of the Kingdom. The tree on the left hand side of the stole, is this new growth tree and is a traditional symbol of Advent. The Burse and Veil. The Burse features the candles from the Advent wreath and on the Veil in the corner is the coming of the dawn. Summarised version of Jenifer McKenzie’s talk on ‘Why Blue for Advent’. November...

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